Without You, I’d Fade

Striking my heart, drawing blood from within
Enveloping me in warmth to make me feel at home
My company on a lonely night
Lull me to peaceful sleep on a ride filled with defeat
Life taken and given with every new voice
Yet the unspoken is what reaches my soul
Grabbing at every heart string inside of locked doors
Triggering a spark inside the dead
Light swallowed whole
Darkness chased away

‘So, this is what love can do.
Sometimes I wish to cut the chord of love that connects us,
but I believe it’d kill me if I did.
He’s poison that kills my soul, but also heals and mends me back together.
The dark cold room becomes numbing.
Yet he also chases the plague away and gifts me joy.’

Without You, I’d Fade Into Nothing

Yes, I am in love… with music~
Oh music is such a wonderful thing I couldn’t help but fall in love.
I’m sure if music was stripped from my word I’d fade into nothing and eventually just become an empty vessel. No exaggeration inserted here. That’s how much music is dear to me.
So I hope you enjoyed my little poem here. I hope you stick around for more.
Feel free to comment and like.

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