There’s Just Something About The Morning…

Before the neighborhood awakens and starts their day I on a walk to awaken my mind and start the day off fresh. As I walk I see a few morning people already starting their day off with a nice walk or jog.

It seems I’m not the only one who appreciates the early morning start. They too know the beauty of the sunrise and the refreshingly cool breeze. The much needed silence before another busy day. A time to ourselves before having to deal with the normal chaos that comes with life.

I dread having to leave the comfort of my bed or shortening my time of rest. I often times more than not have internal battles with myself to pick myself up, but once I’m out and walking I never once regret exchanging one more hour of sleep for a morning walk. I go down different roads (often getting lost…) just for a change of scenery. The one thing I never forget to take note of is the temperature or weather. It’s not the usual hot and sticky feeling you get in a humid state during the day. It’s nice and cool with just enough sun to see and appreciate nature.

I try to clear my mind of what the day has for me and the tasks I have to finish. I don’t wake up early every morning just to worry about what I have to do for an hour. Sometimes I close my eyes, take a deep breath and really take in everything I’m feeling. I try to breathe out the negative feelings and inhale the positive ones. It’s a way for me to mentally prepare myself.

There’s just something about the (early) morning that helps me mentally prepare for a chaotic day.


2 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About The Morning…”

  1. That’s my biggest struggle is getting out of bed. But if I do get myself to getting up and hiking it feels rewarding. I enjoyed your post.

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