The Words Inside Glass Walls

   Despite the fact I’m usually an extremely talkative person I tend to keep a lot of my feelings locked up in a pretty glass bottle.I don’t mind the fact I keep things bottled up,it’s just the way I am,but I know keeping too many things inside for too long can negatively affect anyone.

So here I am, using blogging as a way to express myself in ways I struggle to.

I’ve attempted more than once to find a method that would allow me to clear my mind like writing in a diary. Once I started writing in a diary I realized that I wanted people to hear what I thought without requiring I actually talk to them. ‘Is there a way for me to vent out my thoughts to people…without having to talk to those people while I vent?’ I asked myself. I eventually came across the idea of using blogging as an outlet for my thoughts.

I never would have thought of blogging if it wasn’t for my best-friend. She had been the one to mention starting a blog and suggesting me to try it out. This wasn’t the first time she’s brought something new to the table for me to try out. I thought ‘Why not? I have nothing better to do and it sounds fun.’ so I started my research on what a blog even was. I started wondering ‘What the heck am I even going to blog about?’ I decided to look at other bloggers to see what they blog and post about. I read a post that contained poetic-like lines I took a liking to. That’s when the thought hit me like a lightning bolt,

‘I could use blogging to do what I struggle with the most! Expressing myself.’

I have absolutely no experience in blogging so I’m excited to start a new adventure and experience things I haven’t before.

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